First Look Defense Solutions

Solutions for a complex world

First Look Defense Solutions is a global solutions and advisory company which focuses on defense, infrastructure and investments in the world's most complex environments. 



We are a leading provider of effective solutions to governments, quasi-government organizations, and businesses pursuing success in challenging, and in some cases, high risk environments. Our global operations and extensive network of reliable partners provide invaluable insights to clients on successfully navigating challenges in their areas of operations. 

We support clients in securing defense goods and services, enter and expand into new or evolving markets, set up and secure their operations and provide on-going consultation services, so they can focus on their core business and achieve organizational success.

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Our team bridges the gap between the developing and developed worlds, and utilizes its global network and experience for managing complex projects from inception to completion, with a particular focus on blockchain, energy and agricultural solutions.

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Alongside our affiliates, we focus on strategic business and economic development, including direct private investments in global and frontier markets. Our model is predicated on the deep and diverse knowledge and experience base of our principals, direct deal access, adding strategic value and securing unique pools of international partners for collaboration and co-investment.     

Helping organizations understand, react, and respond in complex conditions.


Governments and organizations spanning the world face a new reality that requires innovative solutions. Changes in regulations, technology, geopolitical tensions, and more create both problems and opportunities. Countries are finding new trade routes, economies are expanding in new ways, and security is always changing.


In these challenging times, you need a team of experienced operators to thrive.